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Fine Dining

Our fine dining  five course menu consist of  Appetizers, Entree , Main and Dessert. The following items are a sample of what we can offer.

This selection is a more upmarket style of cuisine for you and your guests.



A selection of 3 or 4 finger food items.


  • Wild mushrooms on casalinga toast with melted taleggio cheese
  • Morton bay bugs spaghetti cooked in a light napoli sauce and fresh herbs
  • Peking duck rice paper rolls with julienne vegetables, bean shoots and dipping sauce


  • Lamb rack served on a sweet potato mash with broccolini and rosemary jus
  • Snapper fillet fried and with roasted tomato and fennel, endive and champagne burre blanc
  • Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan cheese and fresh garden herbs


  • Tiramisu, layered biscuits soaked in coffee with Marsala, vanilla mascarpone
  • Caramelized Williams pear tart with coffee amaretto ice cream
  • Banana and chocolate filled spring rolls with cinnamon sugar and vanilla cream


**Prices are subject to variation based on assessment of certain requirements such as additional staff, crockery, equipment, etc....**